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The year is slowly coming to an end – just the perfect time for our first newsletter and a brief throwback to an exciting and productive year.


After our kick-off in January, the CO:RE Project took up full speed. The goal in year 1 was not only to conceptualise a knowledge base on the impact of technological transformations on children and youth but, more so, to create this knowledge base together with you – experts in education, policy-making and research. Read about the project details here.


Despite the consequences of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the fantastic teams in our consortium did a marvellous job in laying out the foundation of the CO:RE Knowledge Base. In doing so, they invited you to take part in a range of activities and events. You can read about some selected ones in this newsletter.


Creating a Knowledge Base not only for but together with stakeholders requires a range of activities and events that would facilitate both creating awareness and generating feedback and responses.


CO:RE Webinar Series 

The CO:RE teams at LSE, TU Dublin, and University of Oslo have held series of webinars inviting expert speakers to discuss current issues and pressing topics as well as exchange possible ways to tackle them.

In May, Sonia Livingstone and Mariya Stoilova invited our partners at ySKILLS to co-host a webinar on the theoretical conceptualisation of children’s and young people’s “digital skills, literacies and citizenship”. In collaboration with the International Network for Delivery of Regulation and The Internet Commission, Brian O’Neill and Thuy Dinh held a webinar bringing together business leaders, experts and the public to pioneer ethical business regulations, procedural accountability and independent evaluation for and of digital technologies aiming at children and young people. And just recently, Elisabeth Staksrud and Niamh Ní Bhroin invited experts to discuss the ethical challenges in and associated consequences for doing research together with children and young people online, e.g., in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their blog posting, revisiting this webinar, is online now!


CO:RE Consultation Series

In October, Sabrina Vorbau, Verónica Donoso and the team at European Schoolnet hosted a Europe-wide consultation series inviting young people, parents, teachers and educators. The participants were discussing key aspects and challenges concerning children’s use of digital technologies, relevant issues from an educational and policymakers perspective and also expectations regarding CO:RE as a resource for different stakeholder groups. Read on, to see what participants said.


CO:RE Theories Vlog Series

The team at LSE has launched a vlog series on theoretical perspectives, releasing new short videos every other month in which experts discuss their own theoretical backgrounds, the theories and concepts they find most useful and the ones they wished we’d stop using. Explore the series here!


CO:RE Evidence Base

The team around Piermarco Aroldi at  Università Cattolica di Milano, together with our technical infrastructure partner at TAKEPART Media, developed an ‘online input environment’ to facilitate the creation a pan-European evidence base of research about how children and young people behave and interact online, as well as the risks and opportunities they may encounter.t. After a series of tests, we will start to fill and build up the evidence base together with our international partners next year.

We all at CO:RE wish merry and relaxing holidays and a happy new year!

Stay healthy and tuned.

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