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Sustainable Digital Life: Methodological Aspects (5 ECTS) 

This course enables students to focus on the sustainability of research with children and young people in digital environments from a qualitative perspective.

It introduces the concept of sustainability in digital environments from a methodological perspective in the form of a practical, case-based workshop. Sustainability underlines the philosophy of science as well as theoretical premises of methodological choice. The focus is on introducing different research possibilities in digital environments utilising qualitative methodologies with fieldwork. The individual sessions discuss methods critically, both in terms of implementation and execution, from planning to organising and analysing with assessments, including ethical research perspectives, especially on children and youth in digital environments. 

Application period: 1 April – 07 June 2021.

Update 14 June ’21: There’s a few spots left and applications are still accepted!

Course Contents & Lecturers

Sustainable digital life: Methodological Frameworks and Approaches, Prof. Sirkku Kotilainen with Prof. Jussi Okkonen, TAU (CO:RE work package 6 on Methods)

Visual analysis: The look as a medium, Prof. Asko Lehmuskallio, TAU

Nexus analysis and the study of multimodal action, Prof. Tarja Rautiainen-Keskustalo, TAU

Methodological array for researching minors in digital, Prof. Jussi Okkonen with Research Fellow Iiris Tuvi, TAU  (CO:RE work package 6 on Methods)

Research ethics: Informed consent and the Internet – things to think about, Prof. Elisabeth Staksrud, UIO (CO:RE work package 7 on Ethical Issues)

Find the timetable here.

More about the summer school: 

Application period: 1 April – 07 June 2021.


Contact: Sirkku Kotilainen, responsible teacher, sirkku.kotilainen [at]

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