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Save the Date: Thursday, 03 December 2020 | 10:00 – 11:30 CET | CO:RE WP7 – UiO
CO:RE Ethics Webinar


Engaging children and young people in research online:
Ethical dilemmas, guidelines and experiences


This webinar will be relevant to all researchers and students who are conducting online research, something that has surged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also be relevant to stakeholders and policymakers who use research-based knowledge in their work. 

During the webinar, we will present and discuss ethical considerations that arise when engaging children and young people in research online. Our panellists will present concrete examples of their experiences with working through ethical dilemmas both in the field of research and in committee work. We will focus on fundamental ethical principles and research guidelines, the differences between legal and ethical consent and concrete experiences from the field.

Speakers: Elisabeth Staksrud (CO:RE), Vidar Enebakk (NESH, Norway), Giovanna Mascheroni (ySKILLS), Brady Robards (Monash University, Australia), Ingrid S. Torp (NESH, Norway)

Chair: Niamh Ní Bhroin (CO:RE) 


This webinar took place on 03 December 2020. You can read up on the speakers’ positions here and watch the recorded webinar below:



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This webinar is organised by CO:RE WP7 – UiO as part of a webinar series on research ethics. 

Note: By participating in the webinar you agree that your contribution can be recorded and made available online.

Our Speakers

Elisabeth Staksrud

Professor at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo 

Elisabeth Staksrud is a leading researcher in the field of Children and Media Studies. She is also Chair of the Norwegian National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (NESH). Her research focuses on issues of censorship and freedom of expression, and children’s engagement with media. She is also interested in research ethics and in how to conduct research that respects children’s lives, eschewing moral panics in favour of rigorous theory and evidence. 

General Director at The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees |, Norway 

Vidar Enebakk is Director of the National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (NESH). 

Associate Professor of Sociology of Communication and Culture at the Department of Communication, Università Cattolica, Milano. 

Giovanna Mascheroni holds a PhD in Sociology and Methodology for Social Research and is an Associate Professor of Sociology of Communication and Culture in the Department of Communication, Università Cattolica, Milano. She is part of the EU Kids Online Management team and member of the Executive Board and WP6 Leader in the H2020 project ySKILLS, a CO:RE partner project. She also leads the national project Datafied childhoods: Data traces in family life and the production of future data citizens (DataChildFutures) (2020-2022) funded by the Cariplo Foundation under the grant Ricerca Sociale 2019 – Scienza, Tecnologia, Società. 


Senior Research Fellow, Sociology  at the Monash Data Futures Institute, Monash University, Australia 

Brady Robards is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Monash University in the School of Social Sciences. Prior to this Brady was Associate Lecturer at Griffith University, and Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Tasmania. His research explores how young people use and produce digital social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Reddit. He has published research on the ethical issues arising when conducting research with children and young people in social media. 

Communications Officer & Web Editor at The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees |, Norway

Ingrid S. Torp is a communications officer and web editor for The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees. She holds an M.Sc. (industrial ecology) and a degree in journalism.

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